We Help Senior Living Properties, Increase Their Revenue

How we do it

Senior residents pay for value

And for them, value comes from a sense of wellness and comfort.

We offer simple, and smart solutions, with no upfront or installation costs, that help you generate more value for your residents and their families, which creates more revenue for your property.

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Your comfort app

An app with your branding that leverages smart technology for simple and easy wellness checks.

$0 installation cost

$0 app development cost

$0 on-boarding cost

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IT support for residents

We make it easier for your residents to use day-to-day technology.

Any typical questions they have about their phones, Youtube, laptops, general usage questions, new phone setup, updates etc.

We provide on-call & on-site support for it all!

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Why this works?


Ensures comfort for residents

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Quick and efficient wellness checks

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Outsourced tech support for residents

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Better ratings for cost-effective add-on services

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Better price-point for being a tech-enabled, comfort-focused property

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the senior residents use the app?

No, it would be their next of kin. We don’t want to burden the senior residents with an additional app. They will never have to use any aspect of the app. The app is meant for next-of-kin or the property manager, to make sure that the senior resident/s is in a comfortable setting.

How much does the senior living property pay?

Nothing! In fact, we pay you a management fee, for signing up your residents with us. With absolutely no installation, on-boarding, or development costs, our comfort app is absolutely a banger for any senior living property trying to generate more revenue, and provide more value to its residents.

How does the tech support work?

Your senior residents can call us during working hours to solve any tech related problems they face. It could be a problem related to their phone, a password they can’t remember, or a YouTube link they cannot open.

We also come in every month, on-site to solve any device related issues they may be facing.

How will this help the property?

Wellness checks are currently done manually, and there is no way to find out whether the resident is actually in a comfortable setting. With our comfort app, you, or the resident’s next-of-kin could view the comfort level of your residents. Added functionalities could include motion-detection.

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